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Sustainability Policy

Following consideration of the importance of environmental sustainability and a commitment to be a benefit to the Norfolk community, (a trading name of Ltd.) is committed to strive to achieve environmental and social sustainability for the Norfolk Broads Area. commits to continually improve the environmental and social sustainability performance. will implement and regularly update its Environmental Management System. will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations, we strive to achieve international best practice in IT.

We have appointed the James Clabburn as the Sustainability Coordinator, who has responsibility for ensuring ongoing environmental performance, identification of environmental risks, recording and monitoring of impacts and implementing environmental and social sustainability measures.

Special consideration will be given to employing and empowering the local staff and wherever efficient and environmentally sustainable, products and services will be sourced locally.

We encourage staff to present our commitment to environmental and social sustainability and our status under the Green Globe Program to our guests, suppliers, contractors, agents and wholesalers.

James Clabburn

Note: This policy is a public document to be on display, a copy may be given to anyone. The organisation invites staff, landowners, guests and the community to suggest ways to further achieve best practice environmental and social sustainability. This policy will be reviewed by the end of 2008 and subsequently each year.