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20 Essential Do's and Don'ts

20 Essential Do's and Don'ts

20 Essential Hints and Tips When Planning a Wedding



Keep a wedding book or file so that you can keep everything together. A small notebook to carry around and keep by the telephone.

Get everything in writing as an insurance policy. Confirmation of dates, times, services required and costs need to be on paper.

Sit down with your partner to make a guest list. Start with immediate family and close friends and then add in other relatives. The size of the church and reception venue will dictate the size of the guest list and remember that the cousins from your childhood may well be married with children of their own.

Check invitations for spelling mistakes and other errors, and get at least one other person to read them through

Make a sensible wedding list with a range of affordable gifts. Many couples have the trimmings of a first home so bear this in mind when choosing your gift range.

Delegate one person to collect your wedding gifts. It can be their job to ensure adequate identification of the giver is with each present. Cards can get separated from gifts and it will make the writing of thank you notes much easier.

Check out the car you have reserved to go to the ceremony. A Vintage Rolls Royce however impressive that seems, may not be suitable. Make sure the colour is suitable and that it is properly maintained and that there is enough room in it for the bride and her dress.

Check the parking facilities at the venue you have chosen and source taxi firms to provide alternative transport for your guests

Make provisions for the children at your wedding. Sort out little jobs and ask someone to bring some suitable toys to keep the kiddies happy at the reception venue. Maybe splash out on a bouncy castle or an entertainer or indeed a team of babysitters in order to enable the parent to enjoy the reception.


Scribble down vague messages and question marks. Make sure you write down names, telephone numbers and which service you contacted - makes your life easier.

Don't go over your budget. Stick to the spending limit you have decided on at the beginning. Costs can spiral out of control very easily so keep a very detailed accounting.

Don't forget to buy thank you gifts for the bridesmaids, best man and maybe ushers and parents.

Don't forget to check invitations for spelling mistakes and make sure all on the list have been sent one

Don't forget to keep healthy and fit by not neglecting your diet and beauty regime and by getting enough sleep.

Don't assume that the person conducting your wedding service will allow photography or video filming during the service. Check with them first.

Don't leave the wedding hair and makeup arrangement until the last minute. Make an appointment to visit the hairdressers when you first get your head dress as you may want to change your hairstyle radically or grow your hair for the important day.

Don't forget to find out if the church, register office, hotel etc will allow the throwing of confetti. They might prefer the use of rice or sugar paper.

Don't forget to check you have suitable instrument to cut the cake with.

Don't forget to take some time out on your wedding day to appreciate it all and make sure above all that you have fun.